Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bumps Don't Just Disappear

For the most part I could really care less about the Royals. In those moments over the last few years when the world seems to be making a huge brouhaha over whatever Kate, William, Harry or even Pippa has done I'll pop in to see what all the fuss is about and then tune it out. But I don't live under a rock, and when I saw the Royal couple make their first post-birth appearance, I noticed exactly what this article pointed out. Kate still had a bump and she wasn't afraid to show it.

I must admit I was genuinely surprised to see it. I am well aware that bodies don't bounce back like a rubber band right after you give birth. I've had a baby after all. But celebrities try to defy nature by always looking amazing in their first post-pregnancy photos. To see a high profile mom not afraid to show the world she's human (at least in this one limited respect) was refreshing.

I remember right after Em was born being visited by one of my husband's friends. He's a guy that's pretty rough around the edges and also likes to say whatever he is thinking and generally in the most offensive way possible. He was just driving by and we brought the baby out to meet him. He took one look at my belly and said "You're still fat." I don't think I've worn the dress I was wearing that day since as his comment has stayed with me.

So good for Kate. There aren't a lot of similarities between her life and the rest of us, but here's one of them.

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