Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Popsicle Quest - Summer 2014

I've never been good with New Year's Resolutions, or diets or quest-based video games. I start off very positive and ready to go but eventually I lose my momentum and the will to carry on. It's why I'm not sure I would survive a zombie apocalypse. Knowing this about myself I decided to set a goal for the summer. Something simple. Something I might actually enjoy. I decided to make a different popsicle every week.

It's amazing, as Americans, how complicated we have made even the simplest of things. When I was a kid filling up an ice cube tray with orange juice and toothpicks and freezing it was the best thing. Little orange frozen squares of goodness. But that doesn't cut it in 2014. Now there are atleast fifteen different popsicle cookbooks on Amazon and of course the Zoku. Who wants to wait a whole day for pops when you can wait seven minutes instead?

But I don't want to drop $50 for something I can do for free. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find the old school - stick it in the freezer pop molds in a store. Eventually I found one for $5 at Cost Plus World Market.

Started off simple. Apple and oranges. It took 24 hours to get them frozen to the right degree and a little bit of work and the help of a knife to pry it out of the mold. But when I handed an apple juice pop to Em she was as happy as I remember I was as a kid.

Popsicles are simple joys. They are also a mess. Tell a two year-old to hold one up straight so it doesn't leak all over the couch and see how much luck you have. Eventually I sat her on my lap. I figured it was better to soak myself than the upholstery. That lasted five minutes. I put her on the ground and watched sticky puddles of apple juice form on the floor. But she was happy. And it was worth it.

The first pop was a success. Let's see how long I can stick with this.

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