Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Morning

Every morning on my way into the office I walk by the receptionist for the company next door. Usually as I round the corner she looks up, notices it's me and looks back down at her computer. It's not that she isn't friendly. I think of it more as there was this window of time where we probably would have greeted each other and that window has closed. On those rare days when one of us does acknowledge the other with a smile or a greeting, I feel a little lighter heading into the office. It's not like a "good morning" from this woman makes or breaks my day, but I guess "good mornings" in general can cheer you up.

That's why I thought this video was so interesting. It's totally true! I would say I generally fall into the "avoid contact at all cost" category most of the time. But watching this made me think I should try a "good morning" or two.

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